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Powering the next wave of Vehicle Commerce and Services (#VLBS)

Reach the growing audience of in-vehicle commerce and services without breaking a sweat! No SDK, no new infrastructure, just APIs.

Sheeva.AI’s cross-platform VLBS solution provides real-time, precise location, contextual triggers, and more, enabling you to monetize the drive, gain consumer insights, and enhance user journey. As easy as using an API.
Sheeva.AI delivers sub-2 meter, real-time vehicle location, secure identity, and contextual triggers to energy, parking, toll, food, and retail companies
Using our APIs, service providers can use contextual triggers to send alerts (e.g. “Low Fuel Alert”) and targeted offers to users when they need them the most and guide them a preferred location.
Why Sheeva.AI Location?
To create:
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Extreme Loyalty
Always be aware when your customer is low on fuel, looks for parking, is thirsty for coffee, or considers using a toll road. Sheeva.AI’s API sends trigger alerts to providers when the drivers most need their services.
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Easy Payments
With Sheeva.AI’s patented algorithms, drivers no longer need to select the gas pump, parking spot, drive-thru, and toll lane to process payment. Enabled cars know exactly when they arrive at the precise service point to trigger payment without extra user manipulations.
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Vehicle Identity for Fraud Protection
By using the innovative Vehicle Present™ solution to secure payments, Sheeva.AI knows exactly when the vehicle arrives at the point-of-sale, be it a commercial truck using fuel card applications or a rented car with the driver trying to dispute payments.
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